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As a physician-led practice driven by the best interests of our team members, we offer a different kind of partnership than traditional groups. Our physicians work with us because they want to—not out of obligation. Together, we nourish a commitment to continuously improve efficiency, quality and patient satisfaction.

With more than 100 contracts in top hospitals and health systems nationwide, ApolloMD is proud to recruit a team of world-class physicians. Practicing with ApolloMD offers:

Local Autonomy, National Support

We believe local leadership should have control over its practice. Our on-site medical directors have the resources and flexibility to implement innovative care models and address physician and APC needs. With access to clinical experts, best practice guides, the ApolloMD Quality Corner, regular developmental conferences and dedicated operational support staff, the ApolloMD team provides the business backing local practices need to focus on their patients and operate successfully. We support these teams in care delivery, quality-improvement and dedicated administrative assistance, but leave decision-making in local hands.

Market-Leading Compensation Model

Our group keeps administrative costs low to maximize return back to our physicians. Through the ApolloMD Quality Partner Incentive Program, performance parameters — including core measures compliance and citizenship — are tied to hourly compensation amounts, aligning the incentives of the group and fostering a collaborative culture.

The QPI compensation model was developed to reward our physicians for providing efficient, top-quality patient care. In addition, we provide comprehensive malpractice coverage to keep you safe.

Benefits of IC StatusBenefits of IC Status

One of the many factors in choosing a clinical career path includes evaluating whether employment or independent contractor status is best for you. In addition to gaining control of your schedule, independent contractor status benefits are immense. ApolloMD suggests you seek the guidance of an accountant or financial planner to determine the best strategy for your situation, but some of the most notable perks of working as an independent contractor include:

  • Special tax incentives
  • Greater control over your earnings
  • Customized investment options & retirement planning
  • Expanded choices regarding healthcare benefits

Quality of Life

ApolloMD promotes an emphasis on quality of life for physicians who enjoy flexibility within our clinical care model. We enhance each practice by providing a support team, trained to handle administrative tasks, allowing the clinical group to focus on patient care. Whether you want to work two shifts each month or nineteen, ApolloMD offers flexible scheduling options built to benefit both the success of the individual and the department.

Physician Ownership Opportunities

Each full-time physician has the opportunity to become an owner of ApolloMD through ApolloMD Partners, Inc. With no ambiguity regarding who is eligible for partnership, the program offers increased potential return on investment over time. In addition to the financial benefits, our physicians enjoy working alongside other dedicated partners.

Expert Analytics & Individualized Monthly Reporting

ApolloMD’s corporate team includes a staff of dedicated data analysts who gather, monitor and report out data from each contract location. Every physician and APC receives an individualized monthly report detailing opportunities for documentation improvement, as well as MIPS performance. The goal of these reports is to make our clinical partners more aware of problem areas and to provide personalized, actionable recommendations they can use to improve performance. The clinical operations team also shares findings with local medical directors and provides benchmarking data to compare results with other practice locations.