Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Staffing Company

With an average annual ED volume of over 40,000 visits across our client hospitals and more than 40 years of experience in emergency departments, ApolloMD offers true expertise in emergency medicine services and recognizes the unique challenges specific to busier facilities.

Our unique approach to being an emergency medicine services partner incorporates the following:

Performance-Based Emergency Medicine Compensation Structure

ApolloMD’s compensation structure works to create a culture of performance in every partner facility. Our physicians and APCs are compensated based on the patients they treat and the procedures they perform. In addition to the volume-based component of compensation, patient satisfaction and objective measures of quality are also part of the compensation structure, allowing for a model that aligns clinician incentives with efficient, quality and compassionate care.

Owned and Operated by Practicing Physicians & APCs

ApolloMD seeks to provide the highest quality physicians and APCs for emergency department services, and all clinicians are offered ownership, promoting teamwork and collaboration across all specialties. As an established ED staffing partner, we work to establish a core group of clinicians to live within the community and become truly vested to the hospital. Attracted by top compensation and high quality of life, ApolloMD physicians and APCs are recruited from leading training programs and hospitals throughout the country.

Commitment to Quality and Patient Satisfaction

ApolloMD’s primary commitment is to quality care and patient satisfaction. The ApolloMD Quality Team, led by the Chief Quality Officer, maintains a database of current tools and information to assist our clinicians in providing quality care with every patient visit. Each month, all EM physicians and APCs receive a personalized report containing MIPS performance and documentation accuracy feedback. Our years of experience in emergency medicine staffing and department operations has helped ApolloMD establish a dedicated patient experience team to offer internal consulting services customized for each partner hospital, making the organization stand out against all other contracting groups.

Operational Resources and Efficiency

ApolloMD believes for a physician services group to operate most effectively, tracking and managing account receivables efficiently is imperative. This process includes effective documentation, coding and collections techniques. For these reasons, ApolloMD established an in-house billing company. We utilize electronic records to maximize control and efficiency in the billing process, and continually leverage our size and legal expertise to successfully negotiate with managed care providers in order to maximize reimbursement.

Emergency Department Services that Improve Financials

Through efficient business services and strategic emergency department scheduling, ApolloMD has decreased or eliminated subsidies at most of our partner facilities. ApolloMD helps improve hospital financials in the ED by:

  • Utilizing the proprietary ApolloMD Schedule Optimization System to match demand and capacity, ensuring appropriate coverage for periods of increased and decreased volumes
  • Capitalizing on ED expenditures by improving patient throughput and allowing for volume growth
  • Monitoring uncompensated care, including reimbursed CT scans, that the hospital would not be able to recover
  • Preventing ambulance diversions and lowering LWBS rates
  • Ensuring appropriate admission rates

Emergency Department Flow Assessment

group of doctors in emergency medicine staffingApolloMD’s ED Flow Assessment helps assess efficiency and illustrates areas where more revenue can be captured. We utilize our experience as an emergency medicine staffing partner with more than 3.2 million annual patient encounters to drastically improve emergency department flow with no additional resources from the hospital. We do this by implementing a performance-based business model that inherently streamlines operations, maximizes resources and reduces costs.

Revenue Cycle Management

Over the last 30 years, ApolloMD has consistently delivered best-in-class revenue cycle management services to our partner practices. As an expert in professional fee revenue cycle, we have invested heavily in innovative technologies that allow us to navigate the complexities of today’s revenue cycle process. As a patient-centric, physician-managed organization, we understand the need for an efficient platform that delivers sustainable, comprehensive service. From accurately determining patient eligibility, coding claims correctly, efficiently billing claims, and meticulous denial management, ApolloMD offers a platform for complete revenue cycle management needs.

As one of the country’s largest multi-specialty provider groups, ApolloMD provides a range of options for optimizing managed care reimbursement, enhancing secondary collections, and ensuring that patients are treated professionally and respectfully. We can provide the needed support, resources and experience to independent or hospital-employed practices, to optimize their revenue cycle on an efficient, transparent platform.

Our revenue cycle management solutions include:

  • Oversight and management of the entire revenue cycle
  • Efficient and accurate chart coding with audit capabilities
  • Scalable technologies and processes to enhance collections
  • Accessible, dedicated group education resources providing consistent updates
  • Managed care expertise and assistance
  • Direct management and oversight including tracking all claims
  • Innovative solutions that serve both payers and providers to eliminate costly, inefficient re-work during the denials process
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities