Trauma Centers


  • Level I Trauma Center

      • A Level I Trauma Center is the highest level of comprehensive emergency and trauma care for patients with severe injuries. A Level I Trauma Center can provide complete care from prevention to rehabilitation. Most offer teaching programs for medical residents and fellows while conducting continuous research.  
  • Level II Trauma Center

      • A Level II Trauma Center is capable of initiating definitive care for all injured patients, no matter how severe or complex the injuries may be. 
      • Level II Trauma Centers do not have the research and publication requirements a Level I Trauma Center has. 
  • Level III Trauma Center

      • A Level III Trauma Center has the ability to provide immediate assessment, resuscitation, surgery, intensive care and stabilization of injured patients and emergency operations. 
      • They do not require an onsite trauma surgeon available 24-hours daily but do require one available on call. 
  • Level IV Trauma Center

      • A Level IV Trauma Center has proven the ability to provide advanced trauma life support (ATLS) prior to the patient transferring to a higher-level trauma center. 
      • They evaluate, stabilize and diagnose capabilities of injured patients.  
  • Level V Trauma Center

    • A Level V Trauma Center provides initial evaluation, stabilization and diagnostic capabilities while patients prepare to transfer to higher-level trauma centers.