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What Are Sepsis Bundles ?

Sepsis is a relatively common condition that, if untreated, can quickly advance to more severe stages and result in septic shock. Treating the condition involves multiple steps at specific times. A sepsis “bundle” refers to a series of responses that a medical team take in order to treat the sepsis. There is a 3-hour bundle and 6-hour bundle, both of which include different steps, including specific testing, and administering IV fluids and antibiotics. The purpose of the bundles is to make sepsis treatment more standardized for hospital teams to implement. We know that standardized protocols lead to improved patient outcomes, and sepsis is no different. The bundles were created by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. The campaign has the goal of decreasing the amount of sepsis-related deaths by 25%. Individual hospitals can adjust protocols slightly to meet geographical differences in bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics, but the core of the bundles remain largely unchanged from hospital to hospital for simplicity and improved accuracy of treatment.

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