Hospital Anesthesia Services Partner

ApolloMD believes collaboration with facility administration and OR leadership and staff is the key to any successful anesthesia management group, so we take a personalized approach at every facility. As an experienced anesthesia staffing partner, we understand that different facilities have unique needs. Our first step is to work with the facility partners to learn the culture and personality so we can formulate a unique model to compliment the practice environment. By doing so, we can recruit successfully, ensuring any new recruits will fit into the environment of the facility.

ApolloMD approaches hospital anesthesia services with the goal of improving customer service; saving time, money and resources; as well as, increasing efficiency in three major areas— on-time starts, turnover times and OR utilization.

Hospital Anesthesia Services to Improve Patient, Surgeon & Hospital Satisfaction

ApolloMD understands that anesthesia clinicians must satisfy three types of customers: patients, surgeons and hospital administration. ApolloMD physicians and CRNAs are known for their skills in patient and surgeon satisfaction.

Save Time, Money & Resources

Appropriate OR utilization is the key to making room for growth by increasing case volumes. With ApolloMD, anesthesiologists’ incomes increase as case volumes increase. We adjust our anesthesia staffing dynamically throughout the day to allow for changes that optimize OR utilization. As a result of appropriate scheduling, increased clinician efficiency and minimization of after-hours staffing costs, ApolloMD has improved the bottom line of anesthesia management within each of our partner facilities.

On-Time Starts

On-time starts are impacted by a multitude of factors. In order to eliminate surgical delays, a thorough pre-op process is necessary along with appropriate scheduling, including the time needed to prepare the patient for surgery the morning of the procedure. At ApolloMD, our anesthesia staffing model allows us to aggressively monitor the pre-op process to ensure that all patients are seen by a physician prior to their procedure and all inpatients are seen at least 24-hours before the procedure. We streamline our communication process to minimize any confusion regarding daily assignments. Therefore, our anesthesia clinicians are aware of the details of their cases for the day and can appropriately plan the needed preparation time. Additionally, ApolloMD’s performance-based compensation model serves as a catalyst in creating a culture where physicians are rewarded based on the patients they see and the procedures they perform, thereby optimizing physician performance. This change in culture permeates throughout the department and improves all surgical processes, including increasing the percentage of on-time starts and turnover times.

Anesthesia Management for Turnover Times

The turnover process is integral to the efficiency of the OR and can lead to increases in available OR time, which produces increases in volume. We found success in this area by instituting and leading a Process Improvement Team. On a weekly basis, ApolloMD’s Anesthesia Services team leader, the OR management team and schedulers meet to review the upcoming week’s schedule. Their goal is to ensure the department is operating at peak performance and to enact changes to further promote efficiency.

Improved OR Utilization and Hospital Financials

Efficient OR utilization of hospital anesthesia services is the key to making room for growth by increasing case volumes. Through ApolloMD’s performance-based compensation model, anesthesiologists’ income increases directly as the case volumes increase. In each of our partner facilities, ApolloMD designates a leader to collaborate on a daily basis with the OR manager. Together, the two work to maximize the schedule and improve utilization for each hour. Every individual in our group is motivated to cultivate a true partnership with the hospital to improve efficiency. We adjust our staffing dynamically throughout the day to allow changes that improve OR utilization. As a result of appropriate anesthesia staffing, increased clinician performance, and minimization of after-hours staffing costs, our partner hospitals experience significant financial improvements.

Anesthesia Services for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

ApolloMD partners with ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to optimize patient care and surgeon satisfaction while providing anesthesia at a lower cost to the facility. We take a unique approach to professional hospital anesthesia services by aligning the goals of the anesthesia team with those of the surgeons and facility as a whole.

Understanding of ASC Dynamics From an Anesthesia Management Perspective

All too often, a group of hospital-based anesthesia providers venture into the field of outpatient anesthesia and find themselves unable to succeed. Familiar and comfortable with the workings of a hospital OR, they find themselves lost in the outpatient setting without a large team to fall back on. ApolloMD has a team of physicians and anesthetists dedicated to providing professional anesthesia services within surgery centers. With an understanding of the unique dynamics, our physicians and CRNAs are equipped with the knowledge and tools, including our comprehensive anesthesia staffing model, to provide top-quality anesthesia within an ASC.

Welcome to ApolloMD

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ApolloMD is entirely owned by our physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and key business team members. We started in 1983 by partnering with a nonprofit health system, and we are proud of our history as a completely private, independent group for the last four decades. We have never accepted outside ownership.