2023: Celebrating a Year of Advancement, Innovation & Growth

The end of another remarkable year at ApolloMD provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on our collective achievements, highlight the advances that continue to shape our evolutionary journey, and take pride in our status as a physician-led, employee-owned health care provider — a diverse workforce committed to caring for and supporting diverse communities.

Individually, team members have turned their passion for patient-centered care into everyday realities. Collectively, ApolloMD continues to thrive and make a positive, steady, forward-looking impact on an ever-challenging health care industry.

Our growth in 2023 has been driven by cornerstone medical principles, fueled by individual passion, and advanced by key internal and external initiatives. They include:

Education — A Cornerstone of Our Success

Equipping our clinicians and partners with continuing-education knowledge and tools to navigate the health care landscape has strengthened our partnerships and resulted in exceptional patient care. ApolloMD’s ongoing quality corner, informative workshops, webinars, and training sessions are tangible assets that highlight our commitment to serving as a valuable, trusted resource for our partners and a dedicated advocate for our patients.

Innovation — The Future of Health Care

We have embraced cutting-edge technologies and implemented innovative solutions to expedite diagnoses, streamline operations, and enhance patient outcomes. From telemedicine initiatives to AI-powered analytics, our team’s willingness to embrace change and explore new frontiers has positioned us as industry leaders — a standing we will pursue thoughtfully and strategically to extend the boundaries of what is possible in modern health care.

Yogin Patel - AI in Healthcare

Mentorship — Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders

Tomorrow’s innovative health care leaders are today’s practitioners, and we continue to provide invaluable guidance and support to our emerging leaders through key initiatives. Examples include Continuing Medical Education offerings, fellowships, leadership conferences, interactive workshops, enhanced skills training, social networking, and a companywide embrace of diversity and inclusion. I am particularly thankful for the ApolloMD mentors who have selflessly shared their expertise, and the mentees who have embraced ongoing opportunities to learn, grow, and excel.

Professional Commitment — Celebrating Our Collective Achievements

We know from experience that ApolloMD professionals are guided by the personal satisfaction of providing exceptional medical care to patients amid particularly stressful health crises. We are equally grateful when that day-to-day commitment earns industry recognition, whether in the form of our partners’ top Leapfrog Group ratings for patient safety, Guardian Angel patient care recognition, or ApolloMD Leadership Awards. Collectively, we celebrate these achievements and remain individually motivated by them to reach even greater heights in 2024 and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibility — An Ongoing, Everyday Commitment

Our embrace of a “diverse workforce serving diverse communities” is more than a slogan. It’s an everyday reality, buoyed by inclusive hiring, continuing education, leadership development, and charitable support of initiatives and targeted health care services in the communities we serve. Our scholarships for medical residents pursuing emergency medicine, our wellness programs, and local volunteerism and outreach initiatives are everyday tangibles that define our tagline — “Healthy Clinicians. Healthy Patients. Healthy Communities.”

Strength and Stability — Our Foundation for the Future

Forty years ago, a group of visionary physicians decided to shift the paradigm for physician practice management. They recognized the need for an approach that put the business of medicine into the well-scrubbed hands of medical professionals. In the face of ongoing industry challenges, ApolloMD has remained resilient and adaptable. We have attracted top-tier clinical talent and expanded services to help foster healthier communities.

What’s On the Horizon? Continued Success

ApolloMD remains deeply rooted in its founding principles. Our longstanding reputation is firmly built on financial stability and unwavering commitment to our core tenets. Individually and collectively, we will continue to build upon this foundation and ensure a prosperous future.

To our ApolloMD colleagues and valued partners: we are inspired by your dedication and commitment to our mission. Your passion and expertise have propelled us forward and made ApolloMD the respected organization it is today. Together, we are advancing the health of our communities.

As we enter the new year, let us embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, confident in our ability to make a lasting impact on the health care landscape for years to come.

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a prosperous new year!

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    Welcome to ApolloMD

    Private, Independent Group with No Outside Ownership.

    ApolloMD is entirely owned by our physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and key business team members. We started in 1983 by partnering with a nonprofit health system, and we are proud of our history as a completely private, independent group for the last four decades. We have never accepted outside ownership.